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Premium mješavine supstrata-jer tvoje biljke zaslužuju najbolje!


We are guided by the thought that imitating the plant's natural environment will create optimal conditions for it to grow until the moment they arrive to your home! We really love plants!
We are always here for any questions and help you may need. Do you have any uncertainties about ordering or perhaps about the care of plants or plant terrariums? We respond as soon as possible!
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Fairytale Terrariums

Fairytale Terrariums

How? An eye for detail and a patient, steady hand are the keys to creating little fairy-tale worlds in glass. And where are the fairies? Matea says they come out at night.
Each terrarium we create is unique and we only have a piece or two, so with our terrariums you get something really different! In order to achieve a perfect balance within these small worlds, with each jar we give you additional pets: Springtails (Collembola) which take care of the hygiene of the terrarium. Don't worry, you won't even notice them inside and they are really really cute! (Says Leon, a proud springtails farmer). For a minimum of two to three weeks, the terrariums mature in our workshop to make sure that life inside is going on as it should, that they will be long-lasting and that we will offer you the best we can! We learn together by working and making, and push the boundaries of classic terrariums and constantly try something new to contribute to innovation in the world of plant terrariums.
Do you want to know more?

Do you want to know more?

Who are we

Who are we

Once upon a time... started as a start-up by two younglings in love with plants, nature and good booze. As passionate collectors of everyday and exotic plants and lovers of good quality liquor, we came up with the idea of ​​giving a new life to used bottles and turning them into unique terrariums, which hardly anyone makes. Armed with long tweezers, tenderness and a lot of patience, we embark on a mission to recycle and turn as many bottles and jars as possible into small bioactive worlds! That's how it all started... And now, let's go to new adventures!
Exotic and Rare.

Exotic and Rare.

We breed some plant babies ourselves!

In Your Own Words:

Wonderful shop, wonderful plants and terrariums, wonderful owners, everything is wonderful! 🌿💚 I have only the highest praise
I ordered a beautiful, rare plant. It arrived inside the parcel beautiful and undamaged, as if I had picked it up myself. I will visit this magical place at the first opportunity!
Beautiful plants, the necklace is perfect. The plants arrived quickly and nicely packed. Beautiful, beautiful ❤️
Adorable shop with rare plants and terrariums that you can't find anywhere else in Zagreb. As from recently they also offer moss pole!
Let's start with these lovely young people who really, really, sincerely put an effort and are always there whenever and wherever something gets stuck. Very lovable, always smiling... Their plants are really TOP. First of all, they were healthy {and that is the most important thing}; secondly, they were beautiful, both young or mature {big} for every praise and for every recommendation.
Thank you for the magic and helping me surprise a very dear woman, I'm crying now too 🤗☺️❤️
Top plants, Alocasias are excellent. Bought 4 babies and 2 mature ones, 4 moss poles and a lot more, the plants were packed very well when picked up in store and the same for delivery, if you go to the store then you're in luck because it's really chill and you just don't want to leave. Anyway all praise
hypnotic dropbear
A very cute little bell terrarium bought for a promotion in December, my friend is delighted!! All recommendations💚 looks adorable and lasts for a long long time.☀️🌱
Easy ordering, fast delivery and beautiful and healthy plants. Pleasant communication during the online inquiry, every recommendation
I've had my little terrarium for a few months now, and it still looks the same as it did on day one! I bought a larger terrarium as a gift more than six months ago, and my friends are delighted with the beauty and quality. The Plantmania team is friendly and accommodating, always ready to help with numerous tips and answers to all questions! And the shop... A beautiful place full of wonderful, evidently happy plants! All recommendations for Plantmania 🖤


Plantmania has grown into a small family business, and our mission has become to make as many homes as possible green, and to bring rare and exotic plants closer to everyone.
We are embarking on an adventure of breeding the rarest plants so that every plant, even the rarest one, is more accessible to every plant lover! We feed your obsession with plants and support you to turn your home into a jungle!

Some Information:

We currently offer the option of payment to our bank account or online card payment (Revolut Pay) You can read more about payment methods on the payment page when you decide to make a purchase.
Trenutno nudimo dostavu samo na području Hrvatske a možete birati GLS ili DPD. S naše strane paket maksimalno osiguravamo izvana i iznutra da se što manje poremeti sadržaj u transportu. Cijena dostave je: 6.50€ za pakete do 10kg te 9.50€ za pakete iznad 10kg. Iznad 60€ dostava je besplatna! Proizvodi se šalju od Ponedjeljka do Četvrtka jer želimo izbjeći da paket zapne u skladištu preko vikenda. Također pakete NE šaljemo dan prije blagdana, pogotovo ako se spaja sa vikendom. Želimo osigurati da biljkice što prije dođu kod Vas te da ih se što manje drži zatvorenima u paketu. Vrijeme procesiranja narudžbi je 5-7 radnih dana (subota, nedjelja i neradni dani isključeni). Za sve terarije preporučujemo da ih se preuzme na našoj adresi, Kelekova 4, 10 360, Sesvete uz najavu.
In case the contents of the package arrive damaged, please contact us immediately and prepare pictures of the package and pictures of the contents of the package. If, in our opinion, damage has occurred due to our error, we will refund the money the next working day, or in case you have chosen cash on delivery, we will refund the next working day after receiving payment from our courier service. Products from the category PLANTS and category TERRARIUMS are not a subject to exchange due to their delicate or unique nature. To exchange products from the ACCESSORIES category, please prepare your order number and contact us at E-mail: with your inquiry.
E-mail: Phone: +385 91 602 4672 You can also contact us through social media platforms: Instagram: Facebook:

Getting here:

We are located right next to the terrace of the Stari Zagreb pizzeria in Sesvete, Zagreb, Croatia.
Kelekova ulica 4, 10360 Sesvete, Croatia
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By agreement via e-mail, messages on social media or telephone conversation.